2 Volumio Services - 1 Pi3

Hi there,
is it possible to run 2 Volumio Installations on 1 Machine? I´m unisg a Pi3b+.

My goal ist to access the HifiBerry AMP via the first Volumio while using the second one to access the Headphone Jack.

In best case i can use a second IP Address on my Pi. How can i do this?


Hi again,
any Ideas?

I think no, because you will need duplicate mpd (service for playing sound) and web server for voluio web page and other services whitch I don’t know. I doubt someone test two volumios on one device. This setup has not sence. You will spent many hourse of programming for save one device in cost 35$. The solution to your problem is to buy a pre-owned raspbery pi or cheap similar device


start programming and made it. Look at Docker, maybe this can be way how to do it…

Hi, no, it’s not possible to have 2 volumio instances on a single PI…


that is a pity. First … Hi my name is Kay. That is my first Post on this community. I am searching for a solution to run min. 4 instances of Volumio on a device. I this is not possible with a PI -> can you recommend a device where it is possible?

I wanna switch from awful Logitech Media Server to something useful like Volumio.


Might I ask what the use case would be to have 4 instances on one device? If you really want to dive into the rabbit hole - you could run them the x86 version in a VM.


The best solution is to test 4x Volumio with a Virtual Machine

best regards from Austria