2.773 Rasp Pi 4 file.mp3

So, after updating to 2.773 whenever i play a mp3 file it just shows file.mp3 for song playing, artist doesn’t show, album art shows, if i go to my playlist, all the info is there, but not in now playing, just says file.mp3

if i play a FLAC file, it grabs all info and displays properly.

I am using DLNA to play these files, have not set up a cifs or nfs setup yet. I run plex on my fileserver where the music resides

it worked fine this way before this update.

I’m seeing mostly the same thing, both on the latest official and latest test release. Interestingly, though, on some browsers it shows the artist and track briefly before replacing it with “file.mp3” or “file.mp4”. Seems to do it regardless of which device I access Volumio from.

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This seems a persistent issue, it is still evident in the beta 3.150 version and also 2.917…

Any way to fix this problem? I am also using Plex as a central DLNA server for music and while I get artist name and track naming (and the album art) when the song starts, the name is very quikly replaced with File.mp3 or File.mp4 and I can’t see any other information about the file playing. I don’t think its Plex as I using the Heos app in a different room and It picks up the right details from Plex

This bug’s been out there for two years?

My circumstance is the same as Jerome: using Plex for DLNA, and every track I play is displayed as “file.mp3.” Interestingly if I press pause and then immediately press play, the proper name of the track is then shown (as the entire display text seems to be refreshed by pause/play). The joy lasts only during the current track, as the next track reverts to “file.mp3.”

One other clue: it’s Plex related. On the same PC I can run an alternate DLNA server (Gerbera) and using that software, Volumio always displays the correct track names. As each track changes, it seems that “file.mp3” is shown for a split-second and is then replaced with correct information. Not ideal, but if this behavior could be duplicated for a Plex source, I’d be a happy guy.

Raspberry Pi 3, Volumio 3.251.

Hey I’ve been on a kick to find a way to stop volumio from seeing the “The” = in the Artist column in the library,…(library coming network share, same location as the PMS)

Long story short I also run Plex media server, and noticed that accessing the files from Volumio’s sources DLNA ,etc… my files showed up correctly (thanks to the plex server) Then I found the Plex/Plexamp plugin and thought hey! my problems are solved… not so much, it doesn’t work, and then I found your post.

I have the same problem., basically bland playback file.mp4 /.mp3 etc, no track /album info, (artwork was there)… Now. you saying Plex related… I have really no idea what i’m looking at but, In plex server settings, -under DLNA, advanced settings, there is DLNA default protocol info: with :


and several different options… any possibility any of this can be manipulated to get the track info etc… instead of file.mp3… also… I’m almost certain I’ve run into this with other DLNA clients using PLEX server the stuff plays… but with very little info…

I haven’t tried the Plex plugin, as in the past I had trouble upgrading when I had installed plugins that weren’t yet officially approved. But the “file.mp3” bug is still with us. I’m fairly certain it’s a client-side, Plex-specific display bug in Volumio’s client code. I say that because:

(1) I have several types of UPnP servers in my home, and the display bug occurs only with songs served to Volumio by Plex. This is true for Volumio’s iOS app, and also when using a normal web browser (Chrome, Safari) to control Volumio playback.

(2) Conversely I have several types of UPnP clients in my home, and when Plex serves songs to them, the song metadata is always correct, and is never “file.mp3.”

(3) Weirdly, when I provoke the bug in Volumio, the upper portion of the screen displays correct information from the initial selection of the song, but the lower portion of the screen (the “now playing” section) displays “file.mp3.”

(4) And even weirder, when “file.mp3” is displayed during the playing of the song, if I press pause and then immediately press play again, the now-playing screen is refreshed with the correct information, no longer “file.mp3.” This lasts until the next song (presumably the next UPnP fetch from Plex).

Since the actual music plays correctly (albeit mis-titled), I guess this is a low priority for the team to fix. I was hoping that the Plex plugin would cure things. For me, this bug is a nuisance, but the worse situation is the fact that, when I try to pull my entire music collection from Plex (via the “All Artists” choice) Volumio ends the operation when the letter “F” is reached. If I want to listen to an artist whose name starts with “R” I have to find the music by genre or year. Other UPnP clients have no trouble with this huge fetch. Given a choice, I wish the team would address this one first.