2.579 update on tinkerboard dad problem

I had previously updated my tinkerboard to 2.575 and was very happy that finally I was getting dsd direct. I have now just updated to 2.579 and had through a few reboots and waiting before it finally found the library. (It had been quickck before)j . I was pleased to hear no loud bang when playing a dsd. I started listening and it just didn’t sound like it it did on 2.575. I now find that my dac is just recieving pcm files. :open_mouth:

so now volumio is slow and no longer sends dsd to my dac :frowning:

Any help gratefully accepted.

(Maybe at some time there could be a reverse button to go to the previous version instead of factory reset)

We are aware of it and are working hard to solve the issue

Many thanks!

BTW this version also crashes continuously where as the previous version was quite stable.