2.413 Upgrade Breaks All: "Cannot find module nodetools"


Just upgraded to 2.413 and volumio is functionless. Can’t play webradio, Can’t browse my library.

Log message in /var/log/volumio.log: “Cannot find module ‘nodetools’”

nodetools did not exist in /volumio/node_modules

Did “npm install nodetools” after first doing “npm config rm proxy” and “npm config rm https-proxy”

Still doesn’t work. Trying to browse my library shows progress bar going 98% of the way and then just hangs with spinner and mpd and node taking turns duking it out for CPU time. Then settles into mpd going it alone on bashing the CPU. No apparent relevant log messages (where is the mpd log, btw? Would it be too much to ask for it in /var/log?)

This is extremely frustrating given that it’s the second Volumio upgrade in a row that has broken my player. Last one I was able to figure out. I understand that this software is developed and maintained by volunteers and appreciate your efforts, but find it hard to believe that my case is somehow an outlier. Would be happy to test updates for you if you want to standby while I test. Beats wasting several hours every time I dare to update, thinking my experience will somehow be improved.

Rhetorical question: why is mpd running as root?

In fact you’re an outilier scenario.

What you’ re doing wrong is: you’re installing additional node modules (and possibly cloning\fetching volumio code from command line), and this is creating inconsistencies in the update mechanism. Which in the end results in Volumio process behaving quite weird.

Want a proof? From system, do delete user data (this will get rid of all settings, beware of that, and most important all your custom mods). After this volumio will start just fine.

Lately we had many of those reports (volumio not working after an update, when a user edits volumio files manually). I think that we need to put in place a control mechanism that checks if there has been user modifications of core files, and if that’s the case, prevent from updating the system.

Please note that it was broken without me modifying any files. The npm command was an attempt to fix the problem that resulted from the update.

Is there some other thing that might’ve caused the original problem? I “fixed” it by reverting to the previous release.