2.323 sound quality

After updating to 2,323 from 2.246, my view is that the sound has become much more clearer and resolved. I do feel that the bass notes have become more resolved, but are weaker, than before. The drums which were louder, are quieter now, the music is treble heavy.

Can something be done about it please?

What sound card are you using? USB DAC? I2S DAC? Which one?

I am using an RPi3 with Allo Boss DAC, and feeding the RCA output to a TPA3251 board connected to Paradigm speakers.

I like Volumio player very much !

I have temporarily rolled back to 2.246. The deep bass, which was low in 2.323 is restored, but resolution is lost. Will wait for the solution please.

Dear Michaelangelo,

you must read this post!

My RPi is running on Volumio 2.246 now. I had experienced a drop in resolution but an increase in Bass volume, as a result of downgrading from 2.323.

Today, I downloaded the Equalizer plugin from this site. When I installed and enabled it, the result was absolutely bad. I lost the volume control, the tone sliders had very little effect, sound got muddled, and so on, so after some time I disabled the equalizer plugin and finally uninstalled it.

On rebooting after uninstalling, there was magic !

The sound improved greatly. I would place resolution and clarity ‘better’ than 2.323, with deep bass and clear resolved highs. I havent yet heard sound THIS clear and this GOOD from my Boss DAC. So I have decided not to disturb this setting, or apply any updates till there is a solid reason to, lest I lose this configuration!

Perhaps the un-install script re-writes something somewhere, which results in such a fantastic sound. You should analyse the uninstall script of the EQ plugin, and find out what happened…

Which equalizer have you tested ?
I can say that NOTHING in the uninstall script can improve SQ…
And the sound when equalizer is used should’n be bad…
And the volume control should still work…(even if it may appears at 100% after a reboot, it just a display problem)
When writing, I’m using it with a allo Boss.
Have you set resampling in volumio ?
If you don’t use a volume control (hardware),the output is 100% and you may encounter distorsion or clipping if values in equalizer are to high. Instead of increasing all values, rather decrease other to avoid clipping.

Hi Balbuze,

I was using the Simple EQ which gives 10 freq bands for adjustment. I use Volumio on RPi and Boss dac. I wasn’t using oversampling. I don’t have an external vol control so I use the volumio control only.

After installation of EQ, the volumio volume control showed 100% but the actual sound was low, around 20% or so. The DAC showed Boss dac via EQ. The EQ sliders were working, in the sense that the bass/treble increased and decreased, but the output level was not changing. Though the vol slider was at 100%, a display issue, I didn’t hear vol change when I moved it. I didn’t hear clipping either.

I believe you when you say that there is nothing in the uninstall script that can improve SQ. There shouldn’t be. What I observed, might have been some config issue in my system.

The improvement in sq after uninstalling is definitely there. I have rebooted and listened twice, just to confirm it. I can’t say why or how it happened, that’s for you guys to figure out.

So, as I have already said, there was ‘magic’, Which has happened for the good, so I am happy.

If you can figure out what happened and replicate the gain for other Volumio lovers, it will be great.

A boludez. Did you give Apply after moving the sliders?

Yes, I did. The sound changed accordingly after that.


Did you compare Boss Dac with Kali-Piano 2.1 any time?

No, only whit DragonFire usb dac.
Allo Boss wins widely.

OK, thanks.