2.129 - Queue always repeat, playlist consume not working


Running version 2.129 on cubox-i.
Adding an album to the queue, I noticed that

  • The consume playlist function does not work (i.e. played tracks are not removed from queue)
  • The queue automatically repeats

This always happens whatever the status of the “repeat” or “consume” buttons in the webUI

I’m experiencing the same thing and did so too on the 2.114 version.


Please bear with us a little, this is being taken care of.
As we don’t have hundreds of developers, things sometimes take a bit longer…

Thanks for replying. That’s all that is needed sometimes! Then we know someone is looking at it.

A quick look and it seems Volumio uses it’s own queue - not the mpd current playlist so standard resolutions are out…

If I can help then please let me know.