2.001 WebUI - does not show mpd or Upnpmpd activity

Hi Folks!

First of all: i appreciate the work all of you put into this a lot. Volumio saved a lot of hassle with shairport et al. for me.

I have installed 2.001 on a PI 1 Rev. B (512MB) including an Hifiberry DAC and played around a little bit.

To the current state the only thing i wasn’t able to fix by myself is that the WebUI is not displaying anything that MPD and especially upnpmpd is playing. (see Screenshot attached)

Volumio/MPD is actually playing the file but the WebUI is not resembling the status.

Here is what i’ve checked so far:
Playing local files via WebUI is possible and working flawless.
Reimage and use a complete vanilla Installation didn’t help.
Different MPD and UPNP Clients/Controllers do not show different behaviour.
Volumio logs don’t show any errors. In fact it seems to me that the webui is getting updated properly when MPD changes anything. (logs may be provided if needed.)
Network config is ok - local and external DNS do work properly.
Static vs. dynamic Interface config doesn’t change anything.

My first question would be: is this working as intended? In my 1.55 Volumio setup the webUI did reflect MPD status in all occasions so it rather seems a bug to me.

I will be happy to provide debug info and testing work.

Best regards,
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Issue still exists in 2.041 - is this by intention or only my problem?


I have this issue as well. Worked fine in v1. I send files to Volumio using Ampache. How can we get the web GUI to reflect the current MPD status again?


Same for me. I use volumio (ver 2.118) as target destination for Jriver.
Volumio playback well the content but the UI doesn"t reflect the actual playing. It is empty.

I would like to put LCD on my volumio but actualy in this configuration usage it will surely empty …


We’re fixing this as we speak :wink: