192khz vs 192 pcm

I have a topping e30 dac. On some radio station I see that the sample rate și 192pcm and other is 192 kHz (shown in dac display), other is 44.1khz and others is 48pcm.
Would you please tell. Me what is the difference between 192pcm vs 192 kHz…
Many Thanks

192pcm means 192kHz and PCM file (i.e. FLAC)
192 kHz is the same but without naming the pulse code modulation.
So, two for the same.
Rgds, Achim

I’m not an expert, but PCM is pulse code modulation and it’s measured in kHz, so it should probably be the PCM is 192 kHz.

What he says! :+1:

Many thanks for your responses