120 Euros to spend

Lets say I have 120 Euros to spend (or £100) to improve my current system which merges old with new. Details are:
RPi B+ with Volumio 2.295
HiFiBerry DAC+
Mission Cyrus+ Amplifier
Mordaunt Short Ms25Ti speakers.

What should I spend my money on to get the best upgrade in sound quality?
Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi Ian,
why not spend/donate the money to volumio, further improvements guaranteed :wink:
kind regards

Well. You can try KALI+Piano 2.1 bundle, or Kali board only (if your DAC version is not a PRO). Kali board will give you a noticeable improvement in SQ.

Great reply - you got me there :laughing:

Thanks for the suggestion. As my speakers don’t have separate subwoofer connections is there any advantage getting the 2.1 bundle over the standard Kali+piano bundle?

You can configure Piano 2.1 in double mono mode. I’ve heard that it’s sounds a little better than Piano 1.0. I have Sparky+Kali+Piano combo and it sounds great. Yes, it still can’t beat my major setup RPi3+Hifiberry Digi+ with isolator and Liear PSU + Tubedac - 11, but it has descent SQ anyway.