100/ 120€ pre-installed Volumio 3 based on an HP EliteDesk G1 800 mini (intel core i5)

As a follow-up for the very successful Dell Wyse 3040 community sale I am offering Volumio 3 pre-installed on refurbished “HP EliteDesk G1 800 mini” devices


  • Intel i5-4570T, 8GB, DDR3, 128-bit wide

  • Intel HD graphics

  • Frontpanel

    • 2 x USB 3.0 (one with charging capability)
    • Headphone port 3.5 mm
    • Mic port (untested for Volumio, so may not work as input)
  • Rearpanel

    • 4 x USB 3.0
    • Ethernet (RJ-45): Intel I217LM Gigabit Network
    • 2x Displayport
    • 1x VGA port
    • Audio lineout 3.5mm
  • Storage
    128Gb or 256Gb Sandisk oder SamsungSSD

  • Size
    175 x 34 x 177mm

  • Power supply 19.V, delivered with a Swiss power cable, which has a standard 3-prong connector

    IMG_7573 IMG_7574

    Either you replace the cable with (a local) one from your junk box or just cut off and replace the plug.

  • Slots for Wireless and/or NVME devices, but none mounted!
    See the documentation links below for options.


  • 4 units with 128Gb (100€)
  • 3 units with 256Gb (120€)

Please order via PM (enabled)
Shipping from Monday 14.10.22

More information
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Desktop Mini PC - Manuals

HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Desktop Mini - Volumio notes (3.2 MB)

Yep +1.

The Dell Wyse was a great piece of hardware, delivered with great care.
this will be Volumio on steroids. Count me in for 1.
(or 2 if you can manage them for 100,-- a piece)

So I can offer:

  • 3x HP EliteDesk G1 800 mini with 128Gb SSD for 100€, Volumio pre-installed
  • 3x HP EliteDesk G1 800 mini with 256Gb SSD for 120€, Volumio pre-installed

Shipping 13€ including tracking, 9 € without.
Shipping only to Europe Post region.

I will post the complete specs once I can verify the batch, do not order yet :wink:

I want 2 please.

Noted, waiting for verified specs.

I’m in. I would like one with 128gb of ssd.
Best regards


Note: I have to raise the prices slightly because of new DHL shipping charges.
Rates within Europe: 13.99€ with tracking, 10.49€ without
Rates within Germany: 5.49€ with tracking, 4.79€ without

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Please post your issue in the x86 support thread.

Looks great, count me in for 1!

I updated the specs in the top post, please confirm your order (or previous interest) via PM.

Hey @gkkpch still got one available?
I would take one, ideally a 256gb but a 128one if not available will be perfect !

Very nice offer, thank you ! (I am in France)

Do you still have any available, please spare one to me…

1x128Gb and 1x256Gb left

1x256Gb left

Just received my batch.

Surprised by the build quality of these units.
Was expecting some flimsy plastic thingy, but nope a solid steel case.
Again very well packed.

Thanks Gé!!

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And now sold out!

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