1 second added to next track time counter

I tried to find the same problem but without result.

Problem is only on Tidal. I checked with NAS and Spotify but both works ok.

When I play playlist from TIDAL to all song is added about 1 sec to time counter. It looks like after 10 songs, time goes to end and start from 0 to 10 sec and album cover is changed and new song is playing but from 10 sec on couter. After about 20 songs new song start playing when time counter shows about 20 sec. All songs play from beggining to the end but time counter only at first songs beggining shows 0.

Pi5 - Volumio 3.596 ( the same was on 3.584. 3.586 )


3.601 - upgraded from 3.586 the same. 3.601 - new, clean instalation, the same.

Problem is only when I play from Volumio ( LCD, app, browser ), If I play from the TIDAL application and send the sound to Volumio, the counter works without any problem.

It is realy only on my system ??