1 RPI2 with Volumio + hifiberry DAC + Kodi 5.1 over HDMI

Hi guys,

I love using XBMC as a mediacenter in our living room. It’s connected by HDMI through my 5.1 amp to my TV by HDMI. Simple 5.1 setup, fine for movies and stuff… Sucks for proper audio enjoyment.
Enter Volumio… After experiencing Volumio, there is no way i am ever using Kodi + my mediacenter setup for music again… So i have a separate RPI with a hifiberry DAC and stereo amp connected to my home build cyburg needles.

Which got me thinking…

What if i buy a nice new RPI2, install Kodi and Volumio on it and have it both ways using only 1 RPI. I never use both functions at the same time anyway.
So how do i set this up so that Kodi will happily output 5.1 sound through the HDMI interface towards my tv/amp, while i get volumio to play my music using the hifiberry DAC for 2.0 musical delight.

That way i can setup a sweet little device containing the pi+berry and a nice amp for audio while just adding a hdmi cable to add Kodi functionality…

Any thought on this ??.. The audio signal towards the tv is probably the same I2S stream sent to the hifiberry… Can the output be switched in software ? or just send it to both ?

HDMI isnt the same as the I2S on the R-Pi. You can choose an output that is set from boot for volumio.
Volumio does not support switching audio sources without reboot.

I personally would suggest to go and install one SD with two OSes.
As a starting point i would get noobs lite since it already has every thing in it to support multi OS SD’s.

That might make my life even easier then… Have volumio use the DAV on i2S and xbmc the HDMI output…

As for the dual os option… Thing is… my raspi is so green… i never turn the thing of…

(oh, and yes i am lazy :wink:)

old post… but just thought to give it an update…

I was able to setup my raspi to use my DAC with stereo sound for Volumio, giving me great sound for music while Kodi runs on the same raspberry pi using 5.1 sound to my TV/5.1 hometheatrethingy though HDMI ! Best of both worlds !!

Just follow any online manual on installing kodi on volumio or the other way around (cant remember which it was) and once that’s done set up both systems to use the right audio output.

Now working on getting this to work on the new Volumio 2 !

Any update on kodi (OSMC) + Volumio 2 dual boot solution?
I would really like to have this working on my setup…