YouTube Music Plugin

Successfully installed it under /home/volumio/youtube2-plugin. Very good. I have a youtube premium account (paid account). But it looks like this plugin only allows for Copyright Free Music Channels only. Maybe there is another option for that.

Thanks again.

youtube premium account (paid account) are not supported by this plugin.
but you could login with a google account.

Those are Front Page Sections which you can configure in the plugin settings.

Thanks I will try (both settings and Google login) those when I return.
Appreciate the help.

your welcome :slight_smile:

iam getting folloowing error when giving access to youtube device access code.

Error 403: access_denied

The developer hasn’t given you access to this app. It’s currently being tested and it hasn’t been verified by Google. If you think you should have access, contact the developer

Check the Google API Setup Guide. Did you do the last step under Configure OAuth consent screen:

At the next screen, click ‘Add Users’ and enter the email address for your YouTube account. Click ‘Add’, followed by ‘Save and Continue’.

NO. Now after adding my account. in the Configure OAuth consent screen : it works!!!


I tired installing youtube plugin on my rasberry pi3b+, folowoing hte below mentioned steps:

$ ssh volumio@<your_Volumio_address>

volumio:~$ mkdir youtube2-plugin
volumio:~$ cd youtube2-plugin
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin$ git clone
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin$ cd volumio-youtube2
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ volumio plugin install

Progress: 100
Status :Youtube2 Successfully Installed, Do you want to enable the plugin now?

// If the process appears to hang at this point, just press Ctrl-C to return to the terminal.

also tried updating

volumio:~$ cd ~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2/
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ git pull
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ volumio plugin update

This command will update the plugin on your device
Progress: 100
Status :Successfully updated plugin

// If the process appears to hang at this point, just press Ctrl-C to return to the terminal.

volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ sudo systemctl restart volumio

But Volumio installed pluggins not showing youtube.
Please help

I just tried the steps and it’s working for me. What’s your Volumio version?

Hi guys, I just installed the youtube2 plugin, it’s now listed in the “installed plugins” area, but I cannot activate it. When I activate it, the system replies :“plugin start failed, upgrade the plugin or contact the administrator”. I run Volumio ver 2.915 on a RPI4.
Thanks a lot for your support, ciao

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Did you install from the volumio-2.x branch (follow the link given by @dvo)?

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now working! super thanks

Hi There
Sorry if that is a stupid question, but how do I enter my youtube credentials. I have a youtube premium account and don’t get how I make this plugin understand that. The clientID and Client secret seems to be an API thing and requires a google developer account? I don’t get this at all.
Installation worked like a charm though! And the plugin looks great!

sorry to say this plugin is not for youtube premium
you could add a google dev. account or search the youtube free version.
and yess @patrickkfkan did a nice job creating this plugin.

I installed volumio on raspberry pi 2 with a tplink wifi.
I would like to stream YouTube music from my Android to volumio.
It s working with youtube video, is it possible with youtube music ?


there is a other plugin youtube cast reciever but it doesn’t support youtube music (paid version).

best regards,

Just connected the youtube music plugin and authorised with google account - ’ Success! Device connected’

Is it true that youtube premium isn’t supported, or should I be using the youtube-2 plugin? Perhaps the country is incorrect?

EDIT: Youtube-2 seems to work - does this also need to be linked to a google account or can uninstall the other plugin?

Ps. Soundcloud plugin is handy and working, great for The Anjunadeep Edition