Yellow ray (again)

When I connect the Rasp3 with Volumio via HDMI, I see a yellow ray in the upper right margin. I suppose indicates about the state of the feeding. Respond to a color code? is it correct to be yellow?


This means that your PI is not receiving enough current.
So, use a more powerful Power supply

Green is the correct color?

No, if everything is ok you should not see it

Ok., thanks!

For future reference, this is the undervoltage icon

Source: Raspberry Pi documentation

As I mentioned before, when I connect the system via HDMI, the warning of the yellow beam appears, indicating a problem in the power supply.
I had been thinking of a linear power supply for some time, and this warning decided me.
I armed a classic source using an LM350T, filtering at the output of the diode bridge with two 4700uf capacitors in series with a Choque. Delivery 5.16V and 3 amp.
The system is composed of a Rasp3 + a Boos DAC fed from the DAC as suggested in another post. The damn yellow ray continues to appear!
But if I feed the system traditionally, it is said via Rasp, the ray disappears!
My knowledge does not give as to draw any valid conclusion, someone can explain exactly what is measured by the famous ray?
I think the source works correctly, do I give importance? The sound is very good in all configurations.


I found that with “sudo vcgencmd get_throttled” I can see the status of the power and temperature of my Rasp3.
The correct thing is to indicate throttled = 0x0