I can’t have it work
Here is my setup.
Any help will be welcomed.
etc network interfaces.jpg
network settings.jpg

Firstly, don’t alter settings in ‘/etc/network/interfaces’ :slight_smile:.

Can you please give us some more details, rather than just saying that “it doesn’t work”?

what kind of details ?
I just installed from volumio-2.457-2018-09-17-pi.img and at that precise moment, wifi wasn’t there : see ifconfig.
I then populated /etc/network/interfaces as I read it in a forum no wifi either.
That’s it.

First off, what wifi are you expecting to work? I can’t offer more than that as a starter as I have no idea what you’re running this on. Is this on an early Raspberry Pi to which you’ve added an adapter? If so, which one? If a later Pi with wifi, which one? If not a Pi, what SBC are you using?

Chris M