WiFi not working on ASUS PN40 Mini PC

Hi all

I successfully installed Volumio on the ASUS PN40 Mini PC with Wired connection and it works great. However, ultimately I would like to use WiFi.

The problem is Wireless connection doesn’t work. On the First Config Wizard it doesn’t show any SSIDs, only “Select the wireless network you wish to connect”. On Settings -> Network when I enable Wireless networking nothing happens and only Wired connection is shown. I got the following errors on boot:
“[FAILED] Failed to start LSB: IPv4 DHCP client with IPv4LL support. See ‘systemctl status dhcpcd.service’ for details”
“[FAILED] Failed to start xbindkeysrc.service. See ‘systemctl status xbindkeysrc.service’ for details”
“[FAILED] Failed to start dhcpd.service. See ‘systemctl status dhcpd.service’ for details”
I don’t know how to “see systemctl”.

In the ASUS PN40 Mini PC bios the WiFi Connectivity is enabled from the Enable/Disable CNVi Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

I checked the Wi-Fi Card inside the device and it it “Intel model 9461ngw”, which (from a search on the Internet) seems to be
Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9461.

Is there a solution to this issue? Worst case scenarion I guess I’ll have to update the Wi-Fi card or use USB Wi-Fi dongle, but how do I know which one will work?

Here are some links:

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9461
ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en … -9461.html


I found the Wireless Adapter Compatibility List, so if nothing better comes up I guess I’ll have to buy an external WiFi adapter…

This post got caught in some auto check, I just released it, please excuse us.

The WiFi issues is seen a lot on newer hardware, we are improving it with our next release based on Debian Buster.
Meanwhile you might want to try a development version, go to the opening post of Volumio Development/ Development Talks/ “Next” X86.
That version has support for a wide range of new hardware devices.
I must warn, it is stable and performs well, but it does not offer the latest volumio features.
In case you want anything newer to try, send me a PM.