Weird noises coming from the Audio Jack


I have the latest Volumio setup on a Raspberry PI 3B+, I using an external 5V2A power supply for powering it. I’m using the PI with Wifi.

There are weird noises coming out on the audio jack randomly (No NOT hum), this is somehow related to the cpu/network activity because for example if I just nmap the device from another host there is a loud crispy noise again.

OK the internal audio card might “not be the best” but this is utterly garbage and unbearable. Is this normal?

Anyone run into this?

try with a different PSU.

I have now even tried with a completely different PI, a RPI4 4GB with completely different adapter running retropi.

I didn’t even start kodi or anything on it just plugged it in, very similar results often cranky noises coming out of the hifi.

Yeah it’s coming from the PI if I don’t have anything plugged in the AUX this never happens, nor with mobile phones or other stuff.

unfortunately this is not uncommon for the rPi on the standard audio jack. When you play music is the noise still there?

I even tried with USB sound cards and it’s still there. I’m not sure if these cheap 2.1 7.1 USB soundcards I have are any different from the DAC shields for the PI.

I will try to find a linear power supply which gives out 5V and see if that helps.

It is definitely the powersupply. Did anyone try to power the PI with linear PSUs?

Sadly the 7805 does not provide high enough amperage to power up the pi, it keeps rebooting as it does not have enough current however it does work from the point that the noise is gone.

Is there any way to take off the noise from regular switching mode PSUs with some simple circuit?

It was probably the same noise for me.
Try if it is a mass problem.
When I made a connection from the ground of the RPI’s USB port to the metal case, the noise went away.
If you have a plastic case, connecting to (-) instead of to the metal case may suffice.

Is it just me or to me it looks like it’s just the really bad performance of pi audio jack?

When I use it (exclusively to test if it works) I get all sorts of noise on my headphones…

Headphones output of Rpi 0-3) is very bad. Lot of electronic noise. You can hear the.Cpu working! Even a cheap dac performs really better!

No it’s not just you it really has bad performance at least noise wise.

I don’t have the problem with the sound quality coming out of it as I’m not an Audiophile but, hum and weird noises do bother me. Grounding the usb connector to the casing somewhat helps.

Still using one of these cheap USB sound cards I can hear cpu cracking coming through.

Very easy just do an:

nmap -p0-65535

Can someone actually confirm that buying a shield dac like the hifiberry will do any better?!

Yes, a lot better

See the results of the last soundcheck, it included a Hifiberry:

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