Volumio2 x86 - AIF and that cover issue


Just installed and got going Volumio2 x86/x64 2.201. Got a couple of questions

  1. AIF/AIFF files - while mpd as configured supports aif and you can confirm it when doing mpd --version on the system, it looks like the library scan has issues dealing with those files.
  • They are not in the GUI Browse interface - anywhere, not thru artists/albums/etc
  • Drive Volumio2 from MPD applications (MPDroid. Cantata), I notice that they can see the files - however it lists them as Unknown Genre/Artist, etc AND it refuses to play them
  • Files are not corrupted or anything like that - JRiver and Runeaudio plays them, no issues
  • I don’t see an mpd log at the usual /var/log/mpd.log, so no idea what is going on

What am I missing here?

  1. Cover art - using the Volumio2 WebGUI and/or android app is well, not usable - it just takes too long. Luckily, the MPD apps have no issue - both Cantata and MPDroid can drive volumio2 while displaying cover art pretty fast

again, what am I missing here?

am I doing anything wrong (both for 1 and 2 above) ^ ?

thanks for voluimio!


we have a problem indeed with AIF metadata, I am looking into it.

As per browsing speed, the first time you browse your library, it will be slower since the albumart are being retrieved and cached, after this first operation it will be much smoother!

Thanks so much - really appreciate it - have a bunch of AIF files, so would be great


I’m more or less in the same case.

I’m using Volumio with Raspberry 3 and I’m very happy with that (I love this app. :smiley: )
All my files are stored on a NAS, AIFF format, all ID3 tagged (song name, track#, record name… and covert art).
I saw an option to get the covert art form the Net rather than to use the one stored in the dir (if any) but I didn’t see any option to use the one embedded in the ID3 tag in the file.
So, I’m wondering if Volumio uses the ID3 cover art or if an option/setup exists to do that ? Else, it is planned in a future release ?

I can of course write a piece of software to extract the images from the AIF files and save it as cover.jpg (as an example) in their respective dir but I would like to avoid that.
I want to use my own pictures because sometimes, the cover art found on the Net are not matching with the record release.

Thx in advance
Have a nice day


Ok - two different issues here

  1. Issue I am reporting is that AIF files are just not recognized, not presented in the library and not played - this happens in x86 volumio - from the looks of it, no problem on RPi volumio - unless I wrong, you seem not to be reporting that…

  2. Volumio does not use the tagged image, period, As you mention, you will need to extract it and put in the folder. A short talk with @Michelangelo sometime ago, he indicated that it would be a hard thing to do, as MPD does not seem to offer a way to get the tagged image. I actually wrote a python mutagen script to do that - worked well


Thnx !


Thx for your reply.
You’re right concerning the point 1. I created another thread for that and got the answer. It seems there is a bug concerning ID tag and AIF file.

Concerning point 2, this was I guessed, so I started to also work on Python script with Mutagen (I used it to tag my files) to extract the cover art and save it in the dir. I understand the point of view from Michelangelo especially if performance can be impacted.

Have a nice day

Was about to create a github issue for this, but I found this:


@Michelangelo - is this what you are using to track this or would you rather have a new one? I ask, since I also found that while they show up (with bad metadata) on MPD clients, they are unplayable.



Is this fix included in 2.246 x86?



We’re still working on it, and yes, fix will be included


Will wait! :smiley:


So, 2.285 seems to be out both for x86 and RaspPi - did not see in the change log a reference to the AIF problem - is the fix included?