Volumio with Hegel H390

A friend recently purchased a Hegel H390 amp. Can Volumio on a RPI 4 be used to directly interface via USB to the Hegel’s USB input? If so what DAC should be selected in Volumio.

There is indeed an entry in the USB DAC Compatibility List for Hegel H390.

I don’t see why if the Hegel has a DAC with USB input, why it shouldn’t work with a RPi4. Why not try with your friend’s amp. and see … it would be interesting to report back on how you get on steve. :wink:

Thanks for the reply. I saw this posting also. The difference is I do not have a Minidsp in between the RPI and Hegel. From the post it implies that the RPI is compatible with the Minidsp USB input and the Minidsp output (it’s not clear what digital output) is compatible with a digital input of the Hegel (again I’m not sure of the digital input). I am looking compatibility with the RPI USB output and the Hegel USB input using Volumio on the RPI and what DAC is selected on the RPI.

I will report back with my findings.

Yes - RPI (volumio) USB → Hegel USB works

I just installed latest version of Volumio on my Raspberry Pi 4B and connected it directly to my H390 through a USB cable. I am using Tidal Connect. Playback works fine, but it doesn’t allow me to change volume on my Hegel through Tidal. That’s a shame. I was hoping this to be a one stop shop for all playback controls.

I just located the issue - H390 has a menu setting that is set to OFF by default and it disables volume control over USB. I only needed to set it to ON and now all is working perfectly. :blush: