VOLUMIO soundcheck invitation for Hamburg, Germany

I am sure we will be able to arrange something. I have a unit that will be going to Greece for review. Maybe after you can have it for one of your soundchecks.


Hi There,

Any plans to organize dac testing days soon? I had a privilege to join one of the events and looking forward to it. By the way, I have an Audio Note signature DAC 2.1 signature which I can bring for reference to test if you want. :wink:

Hi Judidudi,

I always have enjoyed your talks about the soundcheck evenings and really miss them. I hope, the Covid situation will let you continue this activity in 2022.

BR, Zoltan

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Hello Again, any organisations for 2023? :):slight_smile:

People should again start organizing hi-fi clubs and events. My hometown Tartu hi-fi club is starting to gain some momentum again after covid crap. Tartu audioklubi was started back in 2014, but was almost dead between 2017-2022. To start hi-fi club it may be quite tricky to find suitable and affordable room, also sorting out finances.

Athens audiophile club is probably most active and famous hi-fi club, they even have nice homepage - http://www.aca.gr/ Tartu aduioklubi doesn’t have such kind of nice page yet, but it may change as I started to build our page and write about some of our gatherings Tartu Audioklubi - Kogunemised

I hope that audio enthusiasts get their events going again soon :+1:

For the next one of these events I can send you my new DAC…

Hi guys ,
You are certainly right in thinking that these real meetings for audio exchange have become too rare.
I myself had retired but would now like to organize a soundcheck again. Thanks for not forgetting me :wink:
I guess many DAC board manufacturers have gone on standby as well.
All the more I’m happy that there is movement in the scene again.
The new PecanPi+ DAC board from Orchardaudio makes me curious. Thanks for the great offer! Leo, when can you send me the new board?

I would then want to do a volumio soundcheck with only available I2S Dac boards.

E.g. PecanPi+, EvoSabre, Primo, Boss2, Piano 2.1, NanoSound ONE, Dacberry, Sabreberry.

Here we go…


@judydudi that would be really a nice and welcomed comeback!

Happy to support in any way we can!

@judydudi I really looking forward to a upcomming soundcheck. I can’t contribute any exotic DAC boards, but I’ll gladly bring my hifiberry dac+ if desired. If it can be something external with USB, I can also bring a Chinese DAC. I would also like to hear it in comparison with an I2S Dac.

Probably in early April.

Yes, then a soundcheck is probably due at the end of April, beginning of May!

@matzemedia I like the idea of getting the data onto the I2C bus without any detours. That’s why I do the soundchecks with these devices. Besides, the market is much clearer than the one with devices using USB.

You are welcome to join us for the next soundcheck. Exactly which Hifiberry do you want to hear?
The https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-dacplus-rca-version/ ?

I currently use the HIFIBERRY DAC+ STANDARD. So it would be exciting to hear it in relation to the others.

Update… I have a DAC going to a reviewer in Serbia, once they are finished I can have them ship to you.


i am eagerly awaiting the new board from orchardaudio. Unlike other boards, it is based on AKM’s VELVETSOUND™ flagship AK4499EXEQ and AK4491EQ chips.
To make an interesting comparison I would like to compare it in a first round with 7 current boards.
Round 1 ‚new Boards‘

Pecan Pi +
Nanosound Dac one
Hifiberry Dac+ RCA
Hifiberry Dac2 HD
Melopero Dac Zero

After that I would like to compare it with the best boards of my Souncheck events. Those would be:
All time favorites:

orchardaudio Pecan Pi
audiophonics EVO Sabre
collybia Mamboberry HD+
Volumio Primo
Abacus AroioDAC
allo piano 2.1 with kali

the PecanPi+ board should be on its way. A soundcheck will be organized at the end of may, beginning of june…

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What a nice return!!!

Let me know if we can contribute in any way :wink:

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I am not sure if the PecanPi+ will get to you in May. Please wait to schedule the event if you can until I can confirm shipment from the current reviewer that has it.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a week earlier or later. Surely then we can say that the long wait was worth it. :wink:

Thank you for your support Michelangelo. I really appreciate it. Since I will be comparing via RCA again, I would assume I can continue to use your first Primo. Or would you like me to send your current Primo into the competition? By the way, I really like the fact that it now has balanced output!

Thank you @judydudi ! I would love you to have the new Primo :wink:

I’ll be in touch soon

They just finished their review and should be shipping the DAC to @judydudi next week.

Here is the link for those interested: