Volumio + RPi4 + Piano 2.1 + Kali Issues


I recently moved my second Volumio + Rpi4 setup over to Volumio 3 and have been having a couple of issues. This setup has the Piano 2.1 + Kali that I have used with V2 with no issues.

Issue 1: Since I moved to V3 I noticed that the Sub is receiving the full sound spectrum no matter what setting I use for the crossover frequency, I set it to 2.1 - 60Hz and can easily hear 1000Hz coming from the Sub. I set the Sub to 2.0 (no Sub out only L + R channel) and I still get the full spectrum coming to the Sub. I have rebooted after changing the settings. Nothing makes a difference

Issue 2: I think this issue happens between tracks or when moving from playing from a USB to Web Radio or to Spotify or similar. While the music is playing and all of a sudden I will have music playing from the Sub at the set sound level but then the L+R channels start playing White Noise at full volume, or all 3 channels start playing White Noise at the set Volume. This is a serious problem!


same hardware, but i do not use subwoofer crossover - so no experience with that - i do only use the dual mono mode

But for avoiding the white noise i think i can help

use resampling to 32 Bit and everything should be good

asfaik this is caused by a change in the linux kernel and Allo does not deliver a fix



Thanks for the reply, I have tried several messages and posted on the Allo forum and I get no response!

Is the below what you mean?

Yes, exactly.

They don’t seem to take much care…

I tried for their relay attenuator to get updated for v3 - also without luck