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I haven’t tried that. How, but I’m writing after restarting Prima, everything works again for a while. Somehow I can’t help feeling that the solution you write is not quite what I would have imagined.

I will definitely try it next time. Thanks

I meant from the app, not from the Primo. You can have it done in less then a minute. It sounds like something is stuck in app memory. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

@Vennesch @volumio


The problem still persists. Clearing app data has no effect. Would it help if I added a log? as I wrote, the Volumio Control alternative app always works the first time. Could there be a problem in the fact that a woman joins Primo at the same time? i.e. more users.

Thanks for the insights and advice.

Hi, I will attach the log. The app still won’t connect.


Is there a list of differences between Primo 1 and 2 available?

Obviously we get the externals - the box, led, powerswitch, balanced outs and micro SD slot (nice touch!), but what about inside? It’s the same DAC but I note for instance the specs state:

  • Amlogic Quadcore CPU running at 1.9GHz
    is this the same as v1 or an upgrade? Any other diffs?

It is a new SBC, not the same used on V1

So if its not Tinkerboard what is it? Odroid?

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good question tinker was good and full of power

It’s a slightly customized version of Khadas VIM3L.
More powerful than the ASUS Tinkerboard S, and with better connectivity (WiFi 5GHz)


And Bluetooth 5.0 :upside_down_face:

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And with a SPDIF interface with very-low jitter :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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@kzboray I have the same Harmony Elite remote as you do. Did you end up getting it to work on the Primo? I am planning to buy the Rivo and will likely face the same issue.

As of now, it seems @volumio still hasn’t added Primo or Rivo to the Harmony database yet. I wonder what the hold-up is.

I ended up using a FLIRC which allows me to advance to the next song, and play / pause. It’s limited functionality, but it covers the most basic needs. There doesn’t seem to be a key mapping in Volumio for up / down / left / right, but maybe one day!

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probably because it is not seen as Volumio’s responsibility to feed a Logitech Harmony Database.
Was there a promise somewhere? I don’t think so.
It is normal with the Harmony devices, that this is done by users for users.

I should get a Rivo next week and I’m also interested in getting this to work with an older Logitech Harmony 555. Luckily I have a Khadas remote here to help the Logitech learn the codes. Not a promise for next week, but it will be done soon.


So you just plug the Flirc USB into the back of Primo USB2.0 port and add Flicr to Harmony? Thanks.

That’s what I used when I had the Primo. Works great

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What is the status of Qobuz Connect?

No status, QOBUZ did not share anything with us regarding connect yet

Thanks very much for the fast reply. Qobuz have now finally emerged from a lengthy radio silence on this topic. Perhaps a beta version within 2 months:

Qobuz Connect

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