Volumio not discovered as a blutooth speaker by a Philips Android TV

My Volumio Raspberry Pi3/4 is not discovered as a blutooth speaker on my Philips Android TV.
It works perfect with any Android phone, Windows laptop and other non Android TV (old Panasonic TV).
I use Premium account especially for ths feature.
The Philips Android TV, instead, discovered different other blutooth speakers with no issues.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Bluetooth option in the Volumio Sources menu is for BT input only, not as an output to a speaker. You can follow this thread for options on outputting from Volumio to a BT speaker. Go to the more recent posts.

Hi SimonE

I did understand he wants to output from the tv to Volumio as an input…


Oh, OK I read it differently. I which case, question for @microJean - is Bluetooth playback enabled in the Volumio Sources menu? BT works better with a Pi4 than a 3B.

Bluetooth input is enabled (it works just fine with my phone and laptop). I tried using Rpi4, Rpi3 and even Zero 2 W with the same bad result.