Volumio from a live DVD?

I would like to use an old laptop with Volumio, but I am stuck…
The laptop is an old 32-bit system, with legacy BIOS and no way to boot from USB key, only optical drive.

Is there any mean to make Volumio x86 running from a live DVD?
Or, how to make an installation disk? If possible, I would install Volumio aside the already existing OSs (XP and Xubuntu)
Thank you

Legacy BIOS would be OK, but unfortunately we do not support a live DVD.
You could install the image to an internal hdd, but it would overwrite all existing data.
There is no option to make multiboot or install inside an existing OS.

Bummer,a similar situation and my search found this. Any suggestions how to accomplish this without taking the HDD out? Something along the lines of booting from a Live Linux DVD, mount flash with Volumio image, and copy to HDD? I’m ok with erasing everything on disk.

Managed to copy the image to HDD but my vintage mobo has an integrated SiS graphics chipset that is known not to work with latest Linux distros, and naturally Volumio can’t start the graphics, apparently it is waiting for user input on first boot as I can’t see it is getting an IP from my router. Is there a way to force console mode on boot and/or generic VGA mode?

EDIT: phew, never mind, VGA didn’t work but got ugly graphics over DVI and managed to get through the initial setup, got an IP so far so good…