Volumio doesn't remember Volume Options settings for Arylic B50 (Up2stream DAC)

I’m using Volumio with my Arylic B50 amplifier connected via USB. It can see the Up2Stream DAC. I have to set the Mixer Type to Hardware and control name to PCM.

When I set change the input source on the Amp (e.g. to Optical In), I instantly get the message that the Up2Stream output device is not available as expected. Switching back to DAC input works as expected EXCEPT that there’s no sound output. I’ve tracked the issue to the Volume Options. Volumio doesn’t appear to save my initial settings correctly, even though every thing still appears as in the linked image above. I manually have to reset the Mixer type to Hardware and Mixer Control Name to PCM. Once I save the config, sound from the current song will start playing (i.e., it doesn’t restart the audio output subsystem).

I have confirmed this behaviour on a Pi 3, 4 and a Intel Atom x5-z8350 Mini PC. I’m using Volumio 3.569.

I’ve also tried this with my Sabaj A3 amp using the DAC output and Software Mixer and I don’t experience the same issue - I can freely change input sources on the Amp and Volumio will remember my Volume Option settings without needing me to reconfigure and resave the options.

Does anyone know of a viable workaround?

Can you do a simple test, As I expect the Arylic shut down the DAC when not used as input.

Play a song when the Arylic is used as DAC with Volumio
Change the input on Arylic
When the error occurs in Volumio, send a log

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I’ve actually tried this with plugins disabled (I only have Fusion DSP and YT Music) and it resulted in the same issues.

But… after I completely uninstalled FusionDSP, the problem stopped. So I re-insalled FusionDSP without enabling it. No problem. Enable FusionDSP - No sound. The I restarted Volumio, tried it with FusionDSP enabled and disabled and I didn’t get the problem again.

I noticed in the live logs now a new update is available. I will test more scenarios later to try to recreate this issue, but I suspect it’s got to do with FusionDSP.