Volumio directory automatically renamed

Hello all

My music is stored on a HDD linked to my allo digi one through usb. Volumio “sometimes” renames automatically my directory by adding a "" at the end.
My directory was ‪ \Volumio\usb\OMEGA and is now ‪ \Volumio\usb\OMEGA
_____ (I can find my music in the last created directory, without problem)

I was unable to fix it. Through W10 & my home network I can access only the last created directory. For all the previous ones my access is denied

This would be no issue but I suspect this is the reason why none of my playlist is working. I can still see them but when I launch one, nothing happens. My assumption is that my playlists target the “old” directories

Didn’t find something similar in the forum. Can someone help me ?

Thank you very much