volumio and openmediavault on same hardware

I set up a NAS on PC using OMV on Debian Jessie. Works fine. Is it technically possible (and reasonable) to install volumio on this same hardware?

Possible: YES
Reasonable: NO (imho). I would leave my NAS on a dedicated hardware (I went this way a long time ago). So I suggest to keep the two things separate. Most important: if the data stored on the NAS is valuable to you, get a real NAS instead of a PI powered one

The OP said “PC”, not “RPi.” But I do concur with the general point that your NAS should be on dedicated hardware.

What that should be depends on your needs. Could be a Helios 4 or an Odroid HC2, both of which will run OMV quite nicely. Or it could be the PC you already set up.

Get yourself an RPi on which to run Volumio.

Thanks, guys.
I did actually try RPI as a separate DAC with volumio. It’s an AUDIOPHONICS RaspDAC:
Unfortunately I have noise on the audio signal so strong that I cannot really use it with a stereo full amplifier. Probably various reasons, e.g. one power supply for both RPI and its attached audio board.
That’s why I wanted to find out about different outputs, e.g. SPDIF on my NAS etc.

No, my NAS is a true PC-based system based on a ASRock J3455-ITX mainboard. :slight_smile: