Volumio 3.51 won't read music files

I have been using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi for about 2 years. It has always been reliable. It’s connected to a local USB hard drive containing my music library, and connects to my router on CAT5 cable. Volumio is configured to load automatically on startup, and is controlled through my phone using their app, or from my PC on the network.

I recently upgraded to version 3.51. Unlike the previous version, there is no menu option for system shutdown, giving me no way to turn it off except for removing the power to the Pi. This week, I wanted to add some new music to my hard drive, so I unplugged the Pi and removed the hard drive to add the new music from my PC.

Now, on system startup, Volumio will not detect any of the music folders on my USB hard drive and cannot play any audio. If I select Music Library>USB, I see an empty screen with an icon of two rotating arrows. This seems to indicate that it is unable to read the disk.

How can I solve this problem? I was happy with the previous version, and I am sorry I chose to upgrade. How can I go back to the previous (stable) version of Volumio??

Don’t know V3.51. Please use the latest version V3.569.

The correct version I’m using is 3.512, released June, 2023.

The “Check updates” function does not work - it just gives me an unending “please wait” message.

Do I now have to rebuild my system from scratch?

I honest believe something is broken with your current image, SO yes start from scratch.
As I have repleid many times before, take a small SD card 8GB. Configure everything to your liking and when done, create a backup with Win32diskimager.
When next time something goes wrong, you can flash this backup and your up and running in 10-15 minutes.

Thanks, I will reinstall the system, presumably it will all work again.

What is the proper procedure for shutdown with the latest software?

always shut down via the web GUI

As I explained, there is no web GUI except the Volumio app itself, which since the update no longer has a shutdown option. The program auto-starts on power up, and I do not have access to the Raspbery Pi operating system.

all I know you ran an older version with issues. I’ve requested to first reflash the latest stable version. Now you expect me to guess that the web GUI is gone again?
Please read this.