Volumio 2 on RK3188 based TV stick

I just port volumio to a RK3188 based TV stick, name MK802IV.
While working on a old kernel version 3.0.36, there is no overlayfs an squashfs support. The whole file system is install in internal nand flash.

Here is the code :

and here is the working image :

after download the image, download rk3188.tar.xz file from :

extract the files inside rk3188.tar.xz , there are tools to download the image into the TV stick.

on linux use the upgrade_tool :
sudo ./upgrade_tool uf image_path

on windows use the RKBathTool

Interesting, if you find a later kernel for the Rikomagic MK802IV (e.g. 3.10.x/3.14.x) then I could help you with backporting overlayfs.
Done this for a number of platforms and kernel versions, but never for a 3.0.x

How about Cloud Media Chameleon?
Would it work?


Anyway to get the .img back ? tinyastro.org/upfiles/Volumio2.0 … rk3188.img is dead :frowning: