Just updated my 3 RPI2 - Volumino’s in my house…

was way back on some 1.x version....

this is really looking GREAT —

however I noticed that there is a Multiroom device feature - that creates some links on the webinterface —

however the graphic is broken - and they don’t link to my other volumino units??

I found a previous thread with the same issue but it was suppose to be fixed LONG ago?


Two issues with multiroom Volumio.

#1. If you have more then one Volumio/RPI and they Bonjour boot at the same time you seem not able to connect to the WiFi network you choose.

#2. Only two Volumio/RPI nodes are shown.

These issues are for the web interface and the iOS and Android Volumio2 clients.

sorry - completely confused by your reply…

I have 3 RPI’s on my network they are all wired - ethernet. (Shed,Livingroom,Bathroom)

all three of them are shown in the web interface - two with broken graphics - and links when clicked on that go nowhere and just spin a circle on screen.

I don’t understand the Bonjour boot - at the same time ?? I never boot them at the same time.

Just wondering why these features seem to be enabled, yet don’t work. I don’t see any configuration for multiroom -

also if I copy address for the broken graphics - they reflect an IP address not on my network?

A Bonjour boot is when Volumio2/RPI boots and does not connect to a LAN in several minutes then Volimio2/RPI reboots into a WiFi Access Point (AP). You select the Volumio AP from the web interface and you enter the AP WiFi password. ice you save then Volumio2/RPI reboots and connects to the selected WiFi LAN.

OK … I thought that had something to do with my problem/question…

hence my confusion. Because I’m NOT using WiFi at all - I have wired ethernet to all my Rpi’s.

so what you are implying , is that if I boot all my Volumio’s from a clean image - configure them each with there unique names - reboot them all the Multiroom feature will be detected and all the webinterface buttons and graphics will just work?

because that is what I did. Everything is clean/fresh outta the box -( new img on sd cards) and none of the Multiroom buttons or graphics are working the only one that is clean is the local Volumio.

This is typical of all three units.

The work around for multiroom wifi connections is to boot each RPI and then select wifi AP one at a time. If you name them all the same Volumio puts a -# where #= 2,3,4… depending upon how many nodes you have.

Btw multiroom display requires all the Volumio2 nodes on the same LAN I believe.


I get the feeling you aren’t reading my posts … because you respond with an answer that reflects that…

you point to a problem with WiFi –

and I specifically say “hence my confusion. Because I’m NOT using WiFi at all - I have wired ethernet to all my Rpi’s.

I’m having the same issue with an older version of Volumio (2.029, 2.5x didn’t work fine with my Hifiberry dac)
I have two RPI both via Wifi connected on the same network. When I started up the second installation it changed to Volumio-2 but I went and fixed it myself to Volumio-Amp (it’s got a Hifiberry Amp). They work fine but the multiroom does that same broken graphic thing and when clicking on the “other” Volumio, it just hangs with the spinner… forever…

hi, same problem as above :
only 2 rpi3 with latest volumio 2 images (2.513) .
both on the same wifi lan. One is equipped with standard Touchscreen display with touchdisplay plugin. the other one is only connected to speakers.
both connected to separate speakers, no shield (hifibery…) at all.
With or without hotspot activated, I have the same problem on the rpi with the touchscreen display .
I can select one then other one via this touchscreen but when i select it again to come back to the rpi which is connected to the touchscreen, I have the spinner forever and no way to get my regular screen back .
BUT !!! But I found that IF I access from another device (e.g. PC, Android phone,…) to the rpi equipped with the touchscreen, THEN IF i enter into installed plugin menu AND THEN make OFF then ON on the Touchscreen displayUI Plugin activation button, THEN my touchscreen comes back instantly !!!
Of course if I try again to switch to another node from Touchscreen UI and then back, I will get AGAIN the same issue.
For me Nothing happens and everything is fine when I switch from one node to another on any other device but the touchscreen one.
I’m not an expert in volumio but for me it’s quite clear that touchdisplay plugin is the main concern…
Hope someone will help US.
Anyway , Volumio is by far the greatest DAC solution ever for me. Thank you all for your great work.

Same problem here. 2 Raspberry boards running Volumio ver.2.522; both ethernet connected. They both work but graphics/links to the other unit is broken:

Two names: volumio and volumio1

DNS Settings are ok:

That makes it impossible to use the Android Volumio App too! I am stuck on the smartphone with the first server the App chooses to connect to. It does even ignore the “forced IP” setting :frowning:

This bug still exists in Volumio 2.632:

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 2.16.59 PM.jpg

FWIW, all three Volumio instances are on wired ethernet on the same LAN segment.

While only a minor nuisance on the desktop, this does, indeed, render the mobile App useless.

But it’s fixed in 2.703.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 2.58.33 AM.jpg