Volumio 2.0 for Beagle Bone Black (bbb)?

It’s been some time since great announcement about releasing of version 2 of Volumio.
In the announcement was information about future releasing Volumio for other platforms:

I would kindly ask when can we expect Volumio 2.0 for Beagle Bone Black?

Hi Bern,
I realize now that “next days” could create too much expectations, since we did not start working on BBB yet.
But, as I wrote on DIYAudio, if you (or someone else) can help us by building and mantaining a Volumio compatible kernel, then development will be quite fast… And starting with Ieero’s is the best, and only sensible in audio terms, choice

Hi guys! Try my work github.com/Tigor888/Volumio_BBB
This makes a completely working image for the BBB.
Also added: Access Point on RTL8188 and RTL8192 chipset, Small SPI display 320X480 and resistive touchpad, Lirc_BBB,
and more…

Do you have any information about new Volumio image for Beaglebone Black?