Volumino issues with odroid c2

Unfortunately i have an issue with Volumino, the phone app and web ui software keeps on searching for device every 2 or 3 minutes, very annoying. I put this down to software as I have tried kodi and runeaudio and they are very stable, rune has no dac support and kodi don’t sound as good.
Woukd it be just better to sell the c2 and get a c1+ is the software more stable on this?

This is new to me, which does not necessarily mean that there could not be a problem.
Could you issue a log from the volumio.local/dev page and pass me the link?
You could also try the latest version, which you will find in the “Community Portings” section, topic “Volumio 2 on Odroids”, and test if that makes any difference.
As long as we do not know what the cause is, it does not make sense to swap the C2 for a C1+.

As the “Volumio on Odroids” topic is new and for Odroid only, it would be nice if you could post any follow-up there.

Thank you for your reply. Ok the issue has seemed to have settled down.
I have used it for the last day now without any searching for device issues, very strange but happy that it is ok now.