Volumino 3.324 login on console failing

After a fresh install of volumino 3.324 on a new raspery PI Zero W, I got Volumino running and configurered via web-UI.
Im̀ running HifiBerry DAC + 1.0.1. After adding my NAS library, which worked, I tried to listen some files which gave me ‘failed to open ALSA device’. Since I know ho to debug that type of error, I tried to login via console AND via ssh. Both failed !
Google told me login = ‘volumino’, password = ‘volumino’. but the box didn’t let me in.

Could anybody please tell me the right workin login ?

Thanks in advance.

Simply use the correct name / password :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Youre awsome, my fault, thanks! :grinning: