Volume control pluggin to control analogic motorize knob


I there a way, a pluggin to manage an external volume control like a motorized knob or chip like pga 2311 or muse that is located at the amplifier side.
in fact I do not want to let the dac manages the volume. But use the GPIO of the RPI to send the up/down/mute signals that would be used by the knob.


has my question no sense ? May be to clarify what I am investigating, is to use the volume bar on volumio, not to manage the software:hardware volume, but send gpio the up/down then use it externally.

Hi gvida,

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Where people will responfd if they have knowledge on the matter.
You can take a look at this topic in regards to using GPIO to control volume.
But in your case you need something like a stepping motor, and some electronics to deal with the power consumption. As GPIO can’t generate enough current.