Virtual keyboard solution on Volumio 3?

I have an idea… What if you could use your phone and a bluetooth keyboard app to type on the RasPi. Would there be any way to do this?

You can always add a keyboard or even a virtual keyboard.

Oh, I saw this post and thought it would be impossible:


Uhh… I installed the extension but I still don’t see any keyboard even when I’m clicking on the search box

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did you reboot and perform the language settings?
And your system has an attached LCD screen?

What language setting?

for your keyboard, this should pop up after a reboot

Even after a reboot, keyboard doesnt appear

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then the extention didn’t install correctly, as it’s working for me and others.

I reinstalled the extension and unplugged my physical keyboard. And a Virtual keyboard settings screen appeared!

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Guess in your first attempt, you let the physical keyboard attached?

Yes. It seems to work now. But, how do I get to Volumio? On boot, chromium opens but I constantly see the Virtual keyboard settings

just confirm your language and it will go to the volumio interface

How exactly do I do that? I clicked my layout in the chosen layouts but I’m still there

reboot? Can’t recall I need to do something else.

Nope still there

Oh. I had to press the > button