Version 2.348 que list button create reboot/ other

Update to version 2.348 Raspberry PI 3/HifiBerry DAC +

1.) Since Update to 2.348 each time pressing the que-list tab in the GUI causes a reboot ( at least turning points come up and start sound when finished).
Sometimes the player still plays on ( I hear the sound). In the end unable to go to the que-list!!

2.) Using since the update sound@home gives synchronizing problems and reboot ouf the Raspberry Pi3 with the GUI and randon reboot.

3.) not possible to move items from playlist to a new play-list ( stays empty).

Seems that since the update to 2.348 many things got worse!

OK. Re-Installed version 2.348 new. Everything works now. Differnce to previous experience.

I don’t used on my Android Phone Sound @Home.

So potentially a crash with that tool?

Maybe useful!

Keep going… :laughing: