Ver 2.566 Not working at all or ?

Just upgraded to 2.566 and nothing seems to work , not music lib., not web radio,not Spotify Connect the only thing that make some sound is Spotify
Time for a fresh install or ? :astonished:

Hi SonosKiller,

It doesn’t seem to be a general issue - but yes - starting from a fresh install v2.565 and upgrade to v2.566 will work.
I permanently test on about 15 different systems (RPI 2 up to 3+ ---- with different DACs - most of them I2S hats).

Best Regards

Yeah @Josh2000 ! Nothing wrong with 2.566 nor the 2.565
It was a corrupted Usb memory stick, when I booted with the usb memory inserted only Spotify songs worked
and when I removed and inserted the stick again everything started to work.

A scan and repair on the stick and everything is back to normal :smiley: