using AmaneroCombo384 wit native DSD setting,output PCM data

Recently I built a system of combination of AmaneroCombo384 and Raspberry Pi 3, Volumio (rev 2.389).
I set native DSD in Volumio, but the output data will be converted to PCM.

This is the state.

[with native DSD setting]
DSD 64 -> PCM 384KHz
DSD128 -> PCM 384KHz
DSD256 -> PCM 384KHz

[with DoP setting]
DSD 64 -> DSD 64
DSD128 -> DSD128
DSD256 -> PCM 384KHz

These are from AmaneroCombo384 sumplerate indicator.

Volumio’s nativeDSD commentary page had some texts that could use combo 384, but I do not know what is missing.
Connecting to foober 2000 on windows 10, it all works with nativeDSD.

Anyone who has a system that works well, would you give me some hints?

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