USB SMB network share showing incorrect capacity

Hi all,

I have a 128GB USB stick holding my music on Volumio (running on a Pi 3B+), FAT32 formatted, I can access it via the SMB network share on my Windows 10 machine. However it reports the wrong size, specifically as a 1.41GB drive (when I mapped it to a drive letter). Its not the end of the world as the Pi is close by and I can pull the stick to put more music on. Is there a more elegant solution that would get it to report the correct size over to Windows?

The Pi sees it as the right size when I ran the df -h command, so I know it is mounted correctly but Samba or Windows doesn’t see it correctly.

Right I have found the reason. It seems that because /mnt/USB is being shared, which is part the root file system, Samba was reporting the size of the root file system and not the size of the USB. Changing smb.conf to point to the mount point of the USB stick it now reports the correct size.

This poses a problem though, now the share is connected to only that USB drive and if I added another drive it wouldn’t be shared and would need it’s own entry into the config file.

Thought I would report my findings if anyone else has this issue.