Update trashes system....

I had a 2.502 install all nicely configured then used the Update button after developments seen on the autostart plugin front.
it seems to have trashed it - the kernel version appears to have been 3.18.25 but the /boot shows a 4.19 image but
there is no /lib/modules/4.19 directory.
so module loading doesn’t work now, so there is no eth0, wlan0 connectivity.

what went wrong and how can I save my system?
(where to download a tarball of /lib/modules/4.19 ?)

that should be 4.16.0, not 4.19!

I have restored the /lib/modules/4.16.0 directory from the 3rd partition and so far that appears to be the only problem and service is resumed :slight_smile:
I note there are no updates since 2.502 so am bemused as to where /lib/modules/3.18.25 came from! this is the i386 build.

I think you must have the dev updates selected, so you will receive development versions for testing if you click on update. The problem is that these are not guaranteed to work correctly because they are by definition under test.

You are probably going to run into further problems in the future for updating, because you now have manually altered the system files. You can “suck it and see”, or save your setting with the backup plugin, and reflash with a clean 2.502 image … and don’t select dev updates :wink: