Update to Volumio 3


I wanted to upgrade from Volumio 2 to Volumio 3. To be on the save side, when something goes wrong, I´ve purchased a new sd card so I can switch back to Volumio 2…

Setup of Volumio 3:
flash sd-card
startup raspi
connect from PC to Volumio UI
less than a handful of inputs (allo digione, myvolumio, qobuz, wlan)

up and running in less than 10min altogether, everything works and looks awesome!!!

thank you very much, that went much better than expected.

have a nice weekend,


Glad it worked well Harry, and that you’re enjoying the experience.

How do you retore playlists from v2 to v3?


Man what a disaster. Very poor management on the part of Volumio upgrade to v3. No warning. Nuked all my setting. Most plugins are missing. I’m done with this shit. Moving on.


copy them from “/data/playlist” to a backup location. After installation copy them back. Make sure if your audio resist on a NAS of attached disk, that the paths are identical. Otherwise the playlists fails.

I believe you’re presented with a big popup when you click on Check updates. Telling you that all your settings will be lost. 90% of the plugins have been upgraded to V3, so you can reinstall them.


Er no. (90% of the plugins are NOT available. Honestly Volumio has been a pain in the butt for the last few years. Half the time I have to do a bunch of somersaults and bow to the mecca to get hardware volume control to work on HifiBerry HD after an update. There must be better alternative.

Try finding the plugin that allows display ob the RPi touch screen.

Thank you. Will copy before upgrading.

Upgrade to v3 went smooth. Added NAS sources exactly the way they were on v2. Restored Playlists. Everything works. Love it ! Big thanks to the devs !!


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It’s a pity that you had a bad experience but a few thoughts come to mind:
• Upgrading is completely optional :slight_smile:
• Most major version releases include a few ‘hiccups’ - it is usually advisable to wait for a few updates to get a really stable upgrade experience (that goes for absolutely all software)
• There were plenty of posts in this forum about the plugins - they are not maintained by Volumio but are third party add-ons and out of Volumio’s control
• I agree that it would be nice to maintain as many settings as possible when upgrading, including wi-fi settings, network sources, favourite radio stations and playlists. This seems like something which could be improved in future.
• If you find something out there which is better than Volumio then that’s great but I doubt anything better is available, at least for now :slight_smile:


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Non of my plugins worked anymore, I was on an old 2019 version. So far the upgrade has just stopped

Upgrade is completely optional - nice way of starting it! Like, did not you know, you fool, you …
When I automatically upgraded my Denon 4700 receiver there were no hiccups that I could ever see or think of. Cambridge cxn v2 went through several automatic updates/upgrades after I bought it - no issues either. Same as Matrix Element X, although I do not like their app, and I never use it. With volumio 3 it is a completely different experience, there are so many things that are broken that it is almost unusable. Truth be told I start thinking of it as a typical bloatware rather than an upgrade, and there is - sadly - almost no way of getting out of it, i.e. going back to v2 - seriously, ain’t that great!

What is so broken with volumio 3?
Can you elaborate?
Where are your log?
Where are your detailed explanations for the problem?
It is so easy to just complain without more…

Quite a list of things;
First track does not always play, as I posted on this thread;

Playing now does not display correctly - it does not display at all, when playing wav files from the nas server.

Continuous play does not advance to the next track, it stops just after few tracks.

v 3.233 upgrade was completely broken and had to be reset by the tech support.

System reset does not reset to the version that I bought this box with (volumio primo v.2), but resets to the same version instead.

Well, you name it … the list goes on.

I have another primo box which I did not upgrade, it is still on version 2.xxx and it works just fine.