Update fail from Version 3.233


I have an update fail issue from Version 3.233 to a newer version. When checking for updates the screen has no reaction just checking but seems not to check. I have disabled all installed plugins and in a second try removed them all. Even a total reset to factory settings doesn´t work. Version 3.233 remains.

How to solve? I use a hifi edition lifetime.

Thank you for your support and greetings from Germany.


Olaf you could ask support on that @DED could you help him with this?
or Email to techsupport@volumio.org for help requests

or install the latest version of volumio.

best regards,

Volumio Primo? If yes, see

Hello Wolfman74 and dvo,

thank you for the link. I have booked a support time schedule.

And yes it is a primo.