Tracks changing before the end (Youtube Plugin)

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.873
Hardware: RPi 3B+
DAC: Allo Boss

I am new to this. I started out my Volumio exploration using analog audio out with no DAC. I got the hang of it, figured out how to work it (still learning), but the fidelity of course was not really there, as I knew it wouldn’t be. Researching DACs to death, it seemed that the Allo Boss was one of the best, so that’s what I went with.

On first listening, after a coupe of issues, I have to say, the stage ambience, the presence was actually shocking. Really expansive and deep. Excellent, in that regard.

What I’m not happy with though is that since I installed the DAC, the tracks keep changing themselves before the song is complete. I thought at first I had touched the screen on my iPad app, played the track again with the iPad sitting on the table and it still did it. I even turned the iPad off just in case, and it’s been switching every song when it’s maybe only halfway or two-thirds completed. The source in this case is YouTube. It’s making me crazy.

What can I do or check, to stop this behavior??

Hi @k9gardner, I assume you were using the YouTube2 or YouTube Cast Receiver plugin, in which case you should have noted this:

Since you are running Volumio 2.873, you will get these playback issues if you don’t update your MPD… The version of MPD that came with Volumio 2.x is just too old to handle YouTube streams properly.

If you do update your MPD, remember to restart your device.

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Volumio 3 is in beta testing right now, and will arrive with mpd 0.22.3.

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MPD has been reverted back to 0.21.18 in the current betas

Ah ok, I looked on a C4, should have been a Pi.

… will arrive with mpd >> 0.19.1 (Volumio 2.873) :wink:

Ahh, that would be it, then, because I did not update the MPD after installation. I got the plugin from GitHub without first going through the Volumio site apparently, and there, the note re updating the MPD is waaaay down the page, and I think I was just impatient to get started. RTFM applies, apparently. Also, it occurred to me in sleep, subsequent to the originally posting, that I had quite possibly not tested the YouTube streaming prior to installation of the HAT, and so the “evidence” I had provided was likely flawed. I decided to let it stand to see what the response here would show, but I wanted to make that confession.

Was trying to do this last night and I am not sure which version I should be installing. There’s a lot of discussion about different versions. Am I ftp’ing it to my box or apt-get or…? Not sure which folder anything goes in on Volumio.

I am using armv7 myself on my RPi 3b, but arm should also work. You first download the package to your computer, then upload it to the /home/volumio folder of your Volumio device. I am using Linux myself so it’s just a matter of using the scp command for sending the file across. On Windows, perhaps @dvo would be able to help.

After sending the downloaded MPD package to your Volumio device, you can then follow the instructions in the MPD thread on updating it.

just say what you want … i’m here… winscp i’m using is just drag and drop…

(if mpd package is zipped unzip it before drag and drop it.)

protocol: sftp
adres: ( ip of volumio)
username: volumio
password: volumio
then save
then press login
then navigate to /home/volumio/
there you drag n drop your package…

then go in to putty
hostename: ( ip of volumio )
login: volumio
pass: volumio
(you could load/save sessions for later for eazy access)
then press open
login as: volumio
pass: volumio
cd in to the mpd package and follow the instrutions…

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All is well. I went back and re-read the stuff and decided that 21.16 was probably fine, downloaded it to my PC and then ftp’d it to the RPi (/home/volumio, since that’s what patrick said was expected). It worked. Testing for a day now, no problems.

I gotta say, for a newbie like me to get responses from folks at the level of patrickkfkan and others is really life-affirming. Thank you ALL for getting me up and running on this. Very much appreciated.