Touchscreen calibration exinput_calibretor

So my system is comprised of the following:
Raspberry Pi 3B
Waveshare 10.1
hfiBerry DAC

I was able to get everything installed, configured and operable, even the Volumio UI and touchscreen. However my original design had the letter rather than landscape, which is the default. Although I have been able to rotate the display the touchscreen has been my hurdle. Although there are some manual update recommendation I cannot get them to work. Either the config.txt update which doesn’t work (wavshare3b=270 / xyswap=1) if I remember correctly.
There is a calibration tool that I’m unable to launch. I’ve been able to get it installed via SSH and a configuration section exist under the System area but I can’t find a way to launch it via the Volumio interface or SSH. Via SSH some of the directories aren’t present to make the changes manually and when I launch the xinput-calibrator I receive a sever X can’t be found.
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you ever get an answer for this as I am facing the same issue?

You can always set it up manually - see wave-share-and-volumio-t5439-10.html#p53948 for how I did it.