Time for Stretch?

The current upmpdcli (and its streaming-service plugins, upmpdcli-gmusic, upmpdcli-qobuz and upmpdcli-tidal) no longer support Debian Jessie.

Is it time to move the Volumio codebase from Jessie to Stretch?

Is in the pipeline => github.com/volumio/Build/issues/259

FYI, Stretch is kinda old news now…Debian Buster is on the horizon.

I asked them about this a long time ago…re outdated software esp MPD.

I see the problem persists

This is incorrect, upmpdcli does support jessie ! It’s support for wheezy which is going away in new versions. I’d be glad to know what gave you the impression that jessie support was gone ?


Perhaps I was mistaken. The release of upmpdcli 1.2.16 was announced a while ago, but there does not seem to be a Jessie package (at least, apt doesn’t think so).

The source location has changed. Do a little digging, you’ll find it…