Tidal randomly stopping mid song

Hi all,

I’m having a repeating issue when streaming Tidal via the Tidal Connect feature of Volumio 3. I’m by no means a Raspberry Pi tinkerer / expert… So I may need some nursing here!

The issue goes like this - I start playing a playlist via Tidal Connect on my Android phone, it plays a song or two and then, mid way through a song usually, it just stops playing and I have to skip to the next for it to resume.

I’ve had a comb through other posts about this, and none seem to match up to my problem!

It’s frustrating as the main reason I switched to Volumio Premium is for this feature.

I am using a Rasberry Pi 3B+ with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro hat running the latest version of Volumio.

Is this a known problem with a fix?


How can I download the 3.233 version
We’re can I find this