System updates and server down

A week ago I checked for system updates, the system asked to delete user data to be able to run the updates and so I did it.
After 20 mins of waiting I closed the connection and…I could not reconnect again to volumio.
Message is “server down” if I try to connect with my usual local ip, but also with volumio.local
Don’t know how to solve this issue, have somebody seen that before?
Thank you

Are you connected by wifi? If so, on deleting the user data, Volumio will have gone back to it’s hotspot … you’ll need to log on through this and re-enter your network settings.

I’m note sure that this is the best place to post but I have had a problem with update as well.

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t manually edit any files (I don’t have the computer smarts).

Yes, a friend of mine met the same problem. I’m sure 100% nothing was modified in volumio. @volumio an updater issue?

it could be a corrupted SD-card, the check on modified files is done locally

Or a badly coded plugin which edits system files…

No plugin installed in that case…