STATUS Please- Volumio 3, "A new improved app (iOS and Android) to simplify usage and first start (free)"

New to Volumio, setup went good in Vol2, now setup in Vol3, plugins installed. All good except for getting the IOS app to control (ipad/i-ph) Volumio. Is the existing app going to be updated or is the Vol3 app a new app. Any info appreciated.

For Android the updated app is in the store, for IOS I don’t know when it will be released

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Not sure if should just download the current app ($2) and just wait it out? Is the current app any good?

I think it’s okay, it does what it needs to do. There is also a user (Joni_Salminen) who built a native android app, which i really like.

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Yay! Thanks. Looks great.

I down loaded the current (older) IOS app and it’s working fine. My $2 not wasted :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: