Spotify Connect stopped working


I’ve been using the Spotify Connect2 plugin 0.9.9 flawlessly for a while now.

Until today. It stopped working.

The device is visible but i am unable to connect.
I’ve uninstalled and installed the plugins to no effect.

Using Spotify through Volumio app works like a charm.

I’ll try and set up my other Raspberry now and report back.
I put this one together yesterday as a birthday gift for my mother so she can ditch the long cables connected to her phone, I was about to gift-wrap it. Now i’m wondering if i’m gifting a broken gift? :astonished:

Is it just me?

Anyways, i’ll report back soon.



The one i’m about to give away is still working!!

I’ll keep plugging away trying to fix it, thanks!

More info + logs would be helpful - Do you also face issues when you login to the device with your credentials (aka non multi user mode)?