Speakers setup hat advice

I have 2 set of speakers

  1. 4 ohm 4-extracted from a TV
  2. 4ohm 5w - small bookshelf speaker

I want to build a small streamer with this.
Please recomand me a hat with dac and amp for this set of speakers
I want to use a pi zero w for first streamer and rpi3 vs rpi4, bat has the same price…
Thanks for your support.

I think that you choose what fits your budget … it is unlikely to have much affect on the audio quality from your speakers.

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Thanks for your answer, I am asking because I do not know if I need to choose a specific hat due to speaker Impedance and power… A link it will be useful to me, to be sure that the hat can drive the speaker, something cheap and ok.

It’s not really clear what speakers you have in what quantity.
If you have a total of four and each is 4 Ohms, connecting them in two symmetrical pairs in series will give you a nominal 8 ohms per channel

L --------TVSpkr-4ohm----BkshlfSpkr-4ohm

R --------TVSpkr-4ohm----BkshlfSpkr-4ohm

Amp L + --------TVSpkr-Red TVSpkr-Black--------BkshlfSpkr-Red BkshlfSpkr-Black-------Amp L -
Amp R+ --------TVSpkr-Red TVSpkr-Black--------BkshlfSpkr-Red BkshlfSpkr-Black-------Amp R -

Do not connect in parallel as a 2 ohm nominal impedance is too low for almost all amplifiers.

I have 2 sets of speakers.
That it is a goood ideea to put it in series :slight_smile: but what hat should I use for this, I want a cheap to medium one with dac and amp on-board,just connect the speakers to it.

When I googled it for you, most of the hits are for the JustBoom Amp Hat.

Thanka for this, I have thought that there other cheaper hat for this., due to this I have asked

There was a recent question on these forums asking something similar, have a search or browse topis from the last 2 weeks and you should find it. I think there was something cheap from Ebay or ALIExpress or similar.

This will do the job with one pair of speakers

I ordered today one batch of bare PCBs, I’ll assemble some as soon as they will arrive